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Scotland Star Finn Russell Injured in Freak Accident

Glasgow Warriors rugby player and Scotland internationalist, Finn Russell, was hospitalised following a serious injury in the Pro12 semi-final defeat to Connacht. 

In the first minute of the game, Finn Russell sustained a head injury after clashing with a teammate. Following the blow from the collision with Zander Fagerson, the fly-half was knocked out and had to receive oxygen on the pitch before being rushed to the hospital. 

Speaking on the incident, head coach Gregor Townsend described the accident as a “freak incident” and stated that it was a “very serious injury”.

“We’re concerned for Finn. Zander is okay, but Finn’s in hospital.

“It was a bad head injury. He had to be taken off - he had to have oxygen. I think he got hit in the face too, so we're just waiting to see, but he's at the hospital.

“It’s one of these freak accidents that happen every now and again. But in terms of the game we’ve got to adapt to change the circumstances.”

A number of players were also taken off following head injury assessments. The incident highlights the danger of playing rugby but also of the serious nature of head injuries.

Serious Head Injuries: Claiming Compensation

Sadly, due to the fragile nature of the brain, severe head injuries can cause lasting damage and can be exceptionally more complex and time-consuming than other personal injury claims. As a result of this, however, such claims can result in a significant amount of compensation. While it is possible to obtain a head injury by playing rugby, it is also possible to sustain the injury in many ways. Road traffic accidents, workplace accidents and even slips, trips and falls can all result in serious head injuries.

Severe head injuries can result in memory loss, permanent disability, a fracture or even death. Making a personal injury claim for such an injury is exceptionally challenging and can be extremely complex. Unlike other personal injury claims, it is unlikely that negotiating a settlement will be straightforward due to the many circumstances to take into account and the amount of compensation that could be awarded.

What is Needed to make a Claim Following a Head Injury?

As mentioned above, a head injury claim can result in a significant amount of compensation being awarded and can be incredibly complex. Therefore, it is beneficial to have as much evidence as possible as well as the services of a skilled solicitor, to get the compensation you deserve.

With the extreme nature of a head injury, as much evidence as possible is crucial when making a claim. Such evidence could include:

  • A medical report proving the extent of your head injuries
  • Reports from other medical staff (a second opinion)
  • Proof of how your accident occurred and the extent of your injury (CCTV, photographic evidence)
  • Witness statements about the incident and what caused your accident
  • Character references (if the head injury caused a severe disability or resulting in a change of character)
  • While the items listed above are merely the most common types of evidence, it is important to have as much evidence as possible to help build a personal injury claim following a head injury.

Making a Personal Injury Claim: Contact Us

If you have suffered a head injury, our team of expert personal injury lawyers can get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our team of expert personal injury lawyers today using our online contact form.

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