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Paralysis & Brain Injury Accidents

Suffering an injury can have a dramatic impact. This is especially so where the injury is to either the spine or the brain. In law, these kinds of injures are categorised as ‘catastrophic’, to reflect the fact that any damage to these parts of the body can have life altering consequences for the injured person. Furthermore, it also represents the difficulties faced, not only by those that have injured their back or brain, but also to their spouse and wider family when attempting to adjust to what may be a very different way of life following their loved one’s accident.

Making a Compensation Claim for Paralysis or Brain Damage in Scotland

The law has been developed to assist those who have suffered an injury to their back or brain: suffering this kind of injury that was clearly someone else's fault will warrant substantial financial compensation. In Scotland, if someone does suffer a catastrophic injury they will be able to raise a claim to be compensated for:

  1. The pain and suffering that was caused as a result of their injury; and
  2. ‘Ancillary’ costs that are directly associated with the injury

It is not uncommon that, owing to their sensitivity and importance to the human body, any injury to either the brain or spine regardless as to how minimal can have dramatic consequences. Often it will result in people having to alter the way they live in order to cope with their injury. This may also involve making adaptations to the home, which can incur significant cost. Furthermore, it may be the case that an injury warrants prolonged treatment, rehabilitation and medical care, in order to live with their injuries. The cost of these resources can be reclaimed.


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At Kerr Brown, we often advise clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries on raising compensation claims. Given our experience of working in this field, our solicitors fully understand the realities faced by those who have suffered injuries to their spine or brain. In many cases, people's lives are altered forever. We take pride in working with clients to secure the maximum level of compensation that they are entitled to. Our personal injury solicitors are a friendly and knowledgeable team, who will work with you throughout every step of the process and aim to secure you the maximum amount of financial compensation you are entitled to. To find out about how we can help you, speak to our personal injury solicitors today on 01412214880 or contact us via our online contact form.


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