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Slips and Trips at Work

When you are at work ,any number of accidents can happen. One of the more obvious, and increasingly common accidents in the workplace involves slips and trips on surfaces. If you have slipped or fallen at work, you may be entitled to compensation.

Slips and Falls at Work - Claiming Against Your Employer

Employers should take steps in order to look after their employees’ welfare at work, and will undertake risk assessments in order to identify hazards to employee safety and to address them. This will include:

  • Damaged carpets that are fraying at the edges, and trailing across the floor representing a trip hazard;
  • Damaged roofs that are prone to leaking, and could cause pools of water to gather on smooth surfaces, creating a risk of slips; and
  • Worn or unreliable liquid containers prone to leaking their contents onto the floor, causing employees to fall.

Employers should also be active in observing weather conditions and whether or not this is likely to cause a risk of slippage or tripping to employees, e.g. heavy rain being trailed in by employees entering the building, and soaking the floor thereby increasing the risk of slippage. They should also ensure that, during cold spells of weather, ice is removed from spaces that employees routinely use in order to avoid their slipping and injuring themselves while at work. Furthermore, employers should also ensure that the working environment is fit for purpose, even where they cannot completely remove the risk of slipping and tripping. This can include installing handrails in corridors and stairways, slip mats and also applying coatings to surfaces in order to reduce the likelihood of employee injury.

Accidents at Work Claims Lawyers Glasgow

At Kerr Brown, our accident at work claims lawyers regularly deal with claims for compensation from employees who have slipped or tripped at work. Many of our clients have suffered a range of injuries following a fall, ranging from mild bruising and minor tissue damage to bone damage and deep muscle trauma. We work with our clients to achieve the maximum level of compensation that they are entitled to. We also believe in providing a personable service, and treat our clients as individuals with distinct needs. To find out more about our work, and how we can help you, contact us now. Click here for our online contact form or call 01412214880 today.