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Manual Handling Accident Claims

A common part of almost every job, no matter the industry or role, is that of manual handling. Have you ever suffered an injury as a result? If so, then you may be entitled to financial compensation. Kerr Brown is a leading law firm, assisting clients to secure the maximum compensation possible for injuries sustained as a result of manual handling.

Manual Handling Claims Lawyers Glasgow

Common injuries that arise out of manual handling accidents tend to relate to the back, arms, and not uncommonly, the feet. As part of your contract with your employer, they should take steps to reduce the risk of your suffering a work-related injury.

What Duties is my Employer Under When it Comes to Providing a Safe Workplace?

Employers have a responsibility to provide employees with a safe place to work.

Manual Handling injuries can be excruciating, ranging from mild cuts and bruises to long-term bone damage and muscle trauma. The compensation that is available will depend on the circumstances surrounding the injuries you sustain: what steps (if any) your employer took to protect you; how you (if at all) contributed to your injury; and the severity of the injury you suffered. Regardless as to your situation, if you think you have a personal injury claim following a manual handling accident, you should approach a specialist personal injury solicitor to handle your claim.

Speak to Professional Accident at Work Lawyers in Glasgow

Our experienced legal advisers handle personal injury actions of any kind, including those arising from manual handling accidents. The law in the area can be tricky to understand, and you may not be familiar with the process involved or be skilled at negotiating with employers and their insurers. Kerr Brown is a specialist provider of personal injury related legal advice, advising clients seeking compensation for manual handling injuries. Our team of solicitors have a thorough understanding of the law in this area, will be able to provide you with a realistic idea of the strength of your claim, and think strategically to achieve the maximum level of compensation you are entitled to. Contact our team today to find out more. Click here or call us on 01412214880 today.