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Brain Injury

A brain injury can leave you with serious and long-lasting impairments to your health and well-being.  These are among the most serious cases personal injury solicitors deal with, and so they tend to result in substantial payouts to reflect the high level of care and rehabilitation required. 

If you’re suffering from a brain injury after an accident and you think you might be entitled to compensation, it’s important to get advice from personal injury solicitors that specialise in this area. These cases involve a large amount of medical evidence, as well as complex legal doctrines, and so working with experts will give you the best chance of getting the award you deserve.

Kerr Brown’s personal injury lawyers have provided many clients in your situation with guidance, representation and strong support during this difficult time. We’ll fight for your legal rights with determination, and we’ll aim to get you a financial award that will allow you to rebuild your life.

Accidents and brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur when an external force, such as a sharp blow or shake, damages the brain (we deal with the different types of head wounds in more detail on our head injury page). The injury is likely to have a more serious and long-lasting effect if it leads to certain complications, such as a lack of oxygen to the brain or bleeding within the brain tissue. 

Brain trauma can have a wide range of consequences – the nature of these depends on how serious the injury is and what area of the brain is affected. For example, damage to the brainstem or the left side of the brain can lead to communication difficulties, while damage to the right side may result in mobility problems. There may also be less visible effects of the injury, such as headaches, dizziness, and changes in personality and behaviour.

There are many different circumstances that can lead to a brain injury, for example:

Compensation and brain injuries

If you believe your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence – for example because of a mistake made during a medical procedure or faulty equipment supplied by your employer – you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and financial loss you’ve endured because of the accident. The compensation figure will consider initial as well as future costs, including for continuing care and rehabilitation, modifications to your home, disability aids and travel expenses. If you’re unable to return to work, or you’re only able to return in a reduced capacity, the payout will also take account of your loss of earnings. 

In personal injury cases, the amount awarded depends on the gravity of the injury; the more serious the damage to your health the more funds you’re likely to receive. Compensation for minor brain injuries can range from around £1,600 to £9,700, while severe brain damage can result in a payout of more than £300,000. We’ll examine the full effect the injury has had, and will continue to have, on your life, and fight to get you an award that adequately reflects this.

The compensation process

As soon after the accident as possible, you should contact a personal injury firm to help with your claim. It’s important to act quickly because it will make it easier to recall the events that led to your injury and, legally, claims must be made within three years of the accident (however some exceptions apply). We’ll aim to reach an appropriate out of court settlement with the other party. However, if there’s a disagreement over who was responsible, or we believe the settlement suggested doesn’t fully take account of your suffering or financial loss, we can provide expert representation at court if you decide to continue with your case.

We understand that the idea of raising a compensation claim after you’ve been involved in an accident can seem like a daunting one. That’s why our aim is to make the claims process as straightforward and stress-free for you as possible. We’ll take care of the communication with the other party, and deal with the evidence gathering and legal complexities on your behalf. 

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