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Accidents at Work

Unfortunately, accidents at work happen every day. Employers have a duty to ensure your work environment is safe, that you have competent co-workers and that you are provided with the necessary equipment and training to be able to complete your work safely. Sadly this does not always happen and many workplace accidents are caused as a result of the employer's or co-worker's negligence.

Award-Winning Work Injury Claims Lawyers Glasgow

We have a team of solicitors who specialise in dealing with accidents at work who can assist you in dealing with accidents as a result of :-

Dangerous Equipment Accident Claims

At Kerr Brown, our accident claims lawyers regularly secure financial compensation from employers who have failed to protect their employees from the accidents at work. The workplace can be a dangerous environment to work in, particularly when there is a need to use machinery on a daily basis, such as in garages, factories, processing plants and warehouses. If not used properly, these kinds of machines can inflict a great deal of harm on the employees tasked with operating them.

Workplace Accident Claims

Most machines, if not used properly, can present a danger to those using them. The same can also be said for machinery that is not properly maintained, and for which appropriate safety measures for use have not been implemented. Individuals who work with machinery should be given comprehensive guidance and training on how to use it, so that they can do their job without compromising their safety. Furthermore, they should also be given the necessary clothing to use equipment. This legal obligation, which employers owe to their employees, covers a variety of situations:

  • If you work in the construction industry and are regularly involved in using drills and metal saws, you should be given instruction on how to use these safely. You should also be provided with eye guards, helmets and overalls to protect your skin against hot sparks or debris from causing you injury;
  • Your place of work may well be in a factory, where you are expected to work with powerful machinery that manufactures, packages or sorts different types of goods. You should be given proper training on how the machine works, and how you should go about your duties and use the machine, without increasing the risk that you will be injured. Moreover it is not uncommon for processing machines to malfunction from time-to-time. You should be given some indication of the process of making the machine safe and how any fault should be brought to your employer’s attention;
  • You may work in a garage, requiring you to use powerful lifts to investigate fails to cars. You should be given direction on how best to secure cars onto the lifts, so to avoid the risk of it destabilising when raised off the floor. The same is also true for investigating the mechanics of the car itself: you should be shown how to do so safely, using the correct equipment, so as not to cause unnecessary injury to yourself.
  • You must understand that it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you understand how to use equipment in fulfilment of your duties. While it may not be possible for them to completely remove the risk of injury altogether, they must make a reasonable attempt to provide you with training on how to use the equipment, and ensure that it is fitted with appropriate safety guards to reduce the likelihood of your being injured while using it.

Can you make a personal injury claim?

At Kerr Brown, we regularly work with clients who have been asked to work with machines that they have not been fully trained on how to use, or equipment that is missing safety guards or has been modified without updated safety provisions being installed. These kinds of things all increase the risk of injury, and your employer (or in most cases, your employer’s insurer) may be responsible for compensating you if your injury is a result of their neglecting to guide you in operating such equipment safely.

Accidents at Work Claims Lawyers Glasgow

As a leading provider of personal injury law services, Kerr Brown has developed a great deal of experience in acting for clients who have suffered an injury from dangerous equipment when at work. Our solicitors appreciate that injuries caused by machinery can be very severe and have the potential to completely alter people's lives. If you would like to work with a friendly, reliable and client focused team of solicitors to find out if you are entitled to compensation, speak to our team today. Contact us now via our online contact form or call us on 01412214880 today.