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School Accidents

Was your child recently involved in an accident at school? Did they suffer any injuries? Do you think that someone else was to blame? If this is the case you may be able to raise a personal injury claim for compensation on their behalf. At Kerr Brown, our accident claims lawyers are regularly approached by parents in need of advice on what legal options are available to them when their children have been hurt while at school.

What is the Law on Accidents Claims at School in Scotland?

Generally speaking, parents are entitled to believe that when in school their children will be protected from suffering any real degree of harm. The law does not require schools to completely insulate children from harm – that would be impossible – but they are expected to take reasonable steps in order to provide for their safety.

Children can suffer injuries at school for any number of reasons. These include, amongst other things:

  • Slipping or tripping within the school;
  • Being hurt after using school equipment, e.g. classroom desks, chairs or play/gym equipment
  • Being exposed to harmful substances, e.g. asbestos in school buildings causing them to develop a related illness;
  • Being expected to carry heavy loads without adequate direction or training;
  • Suffering an injury following participation in sports; and,
  • Contracting food poisoning from school meals.

Schools are generally considered to be a place where children will be kept safe and looked after by experienced professionals. Notwithstanding the points mentioned above, it will be for the school, or whoever is in charge of the school, to ensure that the environment is fit and safe for children. This will mean that all of the school’s facilities, e.g. gym hall, classrooms, hallways and cafeteria, are properly assessed to reduce the risk of any accidents occurring. Furthermore, it will also require that the school grounds and pathways be well maintained, allowing children to be able to go to and from the building without any difficulty. Moreover, it will also be a requirement that schools properly supervise your child while they are on the premises.

How to raise a personal injury claim for an accident at a school?

If you are considering raising a personal injury claim for financial compensation following your child being injured while at school, you will need to be able to demonstrate that the injury was suffered as a result of someone else's negligence. There are different ways that this can be evidenced. However, it is generally better if you can get other people who can support your claim, by giving a statement of the facts demonstrating why your child suffered an injury. It can also be very helpful to provide photographic evidence of the area where your child was hurt, paying attention to highlight any areas which posed a particular hazard to your child's safety. This information should be provided to a specialist personal injury solicitor who will then be able to build a case to help you secure compensation.

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Kerr Brown routinely advises parents on pursuing a personal injury claim following their child being injured at a school. Our friendly team of solicitors believe in providing a personable service, affording each case with the necessary time and care to determine the scope for a viable personal injury claim. If you would like to know more about raising a personal injury claim for your child, contact our team today. Click here or call us on 01412214880.