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Chemical & Hazardous Substance Accident Claims

Every job will have certain risks associated with it. Whether this is to do with the equipment that you use or the kind of environment that you work in, your workplace has the potential to cause you to suffer personal injury. The same is also true if your job involves you working with chemicals or other substances that could have a negative impact on your health.

At Kerr Brown, we are often involved in helping clients that have been severely injured because of the substances that they are required to work with on a day-to-day basis. Employers are under an obligation to take steps to protect their employees where they are required to work with potentially hazardous chemicals. Where they fail to do so, and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to a significant amount of financial compensation.

What are the rules about dealing with dangerous chemicals at work?

If you work in an environment where you are likely to come into contact with, or are directly involved in dealing with, potentially dangerous chemicals, your employer is under a legal obligation to put certain measures in place to reduce the risk of you suffering injury. Generally, this will require their implementing a series of safety protocols, and training you on how to deal with the chemicals. You should also be provided with the necessary clothing and given clear instruction on how/when it should be worn. Injuries related to chemicals can be quite varied, ranging from burns and scarring to the skin to more serious cases of poisoning and severe tissue damage. It is for this reason that the law expects your employer to adequately provide for your safety.

What are employer’s duties in relation to hazardous substances?

It is important to understand that employers are only obliged to take reasonable precautions in respect of your safety, even if you are working with dangerous chemicals. While it is impossible to completely remove the risk of chemical injury, your employer will need to demonstrate in any action for compensation that they did what any reasonable employer would have done in respect of providing for your safety.

What do you need to do to make a personal injury claim?

You are expected, in performing your duties at work, not to put yourself in harm’s way. Any evidence of this would have a serious impact on your ability to claim financial compensation for any chemically related injury. You must observe the safety rules and regulations (if any) that have been put in place. However, it may be the case that even in observing the relevant rules, this was not enough to prevent a particular chemical from causing you harm. This is why it is vital that if you have been injured at work, and have been dealing with chemicals, that you speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor. They will be able to examine the detail and circumstances surrounding your accident, and provide a better idea of the scope of any personal injury claim and the compensation that you can expect.

Accident at Work Claims Lawyers in Glasgow

At Kerr Brown, our workplace accident claims lawyers understand the trauma that can be caused by accidents involving dangerous chemicals. Given their nature, chemicals that are not properly controlled can cause irreparable damage to the human body, often demanding prolonged medical care. Our trusted team of expert personal injury solicitors regularly act for clients in personal injury claims against employers who have failed to adequately protect them. Contact our team now and find out whether you may have a claim for compensation. Click here or call us on 01412214880