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Taxi Passenger Claims

Like any form of transport, there is always a small risk you will be involved in a road traffic accident, even where the accident involves a professional taxi driver. If you are injured in an accident whilst travelling as a passenger you could be entitled to compensation. Taxi passengers can suffer the most serious types of injuries, but even relatively minor injuries can result in lost earnings, pain and difficulty carrying out everyday tasks. As a result, you could claim compensation for your injuries and loss. Our specialist taxi passenger compensation solicitors will be able to advise you fully.

Making a Taxi Accident Passenger Compensation Claim

If you were in a taxi, work vehicle or vehicle being driven by a friend or family member your claim will be dealt with by the insurer of the negligent driver. As passengers are considered innocent victims insurers normally agree to deal with these claims very quickly. We understand that being involved in an accident can be stressful and traumatic, and that is why our team are empathetic and aim to deal with your claim quickly and professionally. When you make a call to Kerr Brown, we can let you know quickly the chance of succeeding in your claim, we will also explain the process to you simply and concisely, and also outline what we will require to effectively make your case. Examples of evidence we may require to give your claim the best chance of success include:

  • Medical bills or reports for the treatment of your injuries
  • Receipts for travel costs to attend any medical appointments relating to your injury or injuries
  • Evidence of Loss of earnings where you have been off work
  • Evidence to support a claim for loss of future earnings where the lasting effects of an injury have harmed your future career or your promotion prospects
  • Receipts for any modifications made to your home to accommodate your injury

These are just examples of evidence that may be required, and some of the ways in which you could be compensated for your injury.

Our friendly and efficient team can deal with all aspects of your claim. We can assist with the following:-

  • Personal injury claim;
  • Rehabilitation – we can arrange physiotherapy or other treatment to assist in your recovery at no cost to you;
  • Travel costs;
  • Loss of earnings; and
  • Out of pocket expenses.

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