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Repetitive Strain Injury & Vibration White Finger

Does your job involve a lot of repetitive activity? Are you starting to notice that you are feeling certain parts of your body to be sore or numb as a result of your work? You may be suffering from a repetitive strain injury (RSI) and may be entitled to a significant sum in financial compensation. At Kerr Brown, our accidents at work claims lawyers have developed particular expertise in representing clients seeking financial compensation after suffering from a RSI. We may be able to help you secure a substantial payment to compensate you for your repetitive strain injury.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Compensation Claims in Glasgow

An RSI is a kind of injury that is the result of sustained, repetitive activity using certain parts of the body. The activity causes damage to the soft tissue in the body, causing pain to the person in question. It is important to understand that while it is more commonly associated with certain kinds of jobs, it is possible for anyone in almost any job to suffer an RSI. It tends to be caused by, amongst other things:

  1. The repeated use of electrical power tools, causing vibrations which can in turn damage the hands;
  2. Making use of a computer for long periods of time, which can strain the wrists and fingers;
  3. Cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder for long periods of time, causing your neck to become strained; and
  4. Moving heavy objects from one place to another, putting a great deal of pressure on the back, legs and arms.

Arguably the most common RSI, ‘vibration white finger’ can be particularly painful. It tends to be the result of operating power tools, which very often emit powerful vibrations which can damage the blood vessels and nerves in your fingers. Vibration white finger tends to be the result of long-term use of power tools without adequate protection, and is identifiable by a discolouration of the skin and a feeling of pain in the hands and fingers.

Making a Claim for a repetitive strain injury

It would be disproportionate to expect your employer to completely remove the risk of your suffering a RSI. That being said, your employer is legally obliged to take measures to minimise, so far as possible, the risk of you developing a RSI. Ultimately, the steps your employer should take will depend on the kind of work you do. However, there are minimum standards they are expected to meet, including:

  1. Where you work with heavy machinery and/or power tools, provide you with protective clothing to lessen the impact that the vibrations will have on your body;
  2. If you work in an office based environment, equip you with desks and chairs that support a good posture and wrist guards to lessen the strain on your hands and fingers when using a computer; and
  3. Where you are needed to move heavy objects, provide training on how to do so safely and how to use specialist machinery if appropriate.

If your employer fails to take reasonable steps to protect you, and you do develop a RSI that has, most importantly, been diagnosed as such by a licensed General Practitioner (GP), you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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Kerr Brown has been advising clients on seeking compensations for RSIs for many years. We understand that living with a RSI can be very painful, and can make people feel miserable and powerless. We take pride in helping people to secure compensation where their employer has failed in their duty towards their employees. Our team are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, providing a personable service from a friendly team that are highly experienced personal injury solicitors.

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