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Waxing Injury Claims


Waxing is one of the most readily available and commonly had beauty treatments, but as with all aspects of the beauty industry, new products and techniques are constantly being introduced. While these developments usually lead to treatments becoming more affordable and therefore accessible, the also bring more risks. Unfortunately, the beauty sector is largely unregulated, meaning that even routine treatments, or newly developed approaches to routine treatments, can sometimes be carried out in a way that causes us to suffer an injury. Crucially, if the injury was avoidable and caused because the procedure was carried out negligently (possibly by untrained or unqualified staff), you’re legally entitled to make a claim to compensate you for the pain and loss the injury has caused you.

Skin Waxing Complications & Injuries

There are many different types of methods and procedures available for removing unwanted hair by waxing. Which technique is most suitable will depend on a variety of factors, such as the area of the body that is to be waxed (face, bikini, legs, arms, backs etc.) and skin type. For example, waxing systems can include warm or hot wax, with hair removed either by using cloth or paper strips or by hand. In order to determine which system is best for the individual client, the beautician or technician should at the very least assess the condition of the client’s skin and carry out a patch test and/or thermal sensitivity test. They should also provide advice and assistance with aftercare. It also almost goes without saying that the treatment should be provided in a place and with equipment that is clean, disinfected and sterilised, and that single-use items are properly disposed of. A failure to follow these basic standards can result in waxing causing avoidable injuries such as:

  • Burns
  • Blistering
  • Skin lifting or tears, cuts and bleeding
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections

As waxing is often carried out on intimate areas, when a treatment goes wrong it can be particularly distressing and cause serious discomfort. Our friendly and discrete beauty treatment negligence solicitors will handle your case with sensitivity, ensuring you have the support you need to rightly hold those responsible for your injury to account.

Waxing Injury & Burn Claims

If you’ve suffered a waxing injury, it’s important to get your injuries treated and start gathering evidence as soon as possible. The more relevant information you have, such as photos of the injuries, a record of reporting your injury to the place where the treatment was performed and any hospital or GP visits you’ve made to get your injury seen to, will all help you to build a strong claim demonstrating that you’re entitled to compensation. It’s also important to have evidence of consequential losses you’ve suffered as a result, such as when you’ve had to take time off work and how much this cost you, as well as any travel expenses incurred when getting your injury treated.

Making a compensation claim following a substandard beauty treatment involves proving that your injury was directly caused because you received negligent treatment. This means, amongst other things, establishing that the person carrying out the procedure failed to meet the standard expected of them in their capacity as a beauty specialist, proving that their negligence caused your injury and providing evidence of the loss you suffered as a result of receiving poor treatment. The injury must also have occurred within the last three years. This is because the right to claim compensation doesn’t last indefinitely but only for a certain period of time (three years), which starts to run as soon as it’s reasonable for you to become aware of the injury. How much compensation you can claim for a waxing injury depends on the severity and nature of your injuries. It also depends on the impact the injury has had on you. For example, you may have had to take time off work while recovering or you may have suffered psychological damage.

Waxing Injury Compensation Claims Solicitors Glasgow, Scotland

If you have been injured during a waxing treatment or any other beauty treatment, contact the cosmetic surgery and beauty treatment injury solicitors at Kerr Brown. We will help you through the entire process of claiming compensation. We’re experts in the law and procedures that apply to compensation claims and ready to provide the support and guidance you need. Speak to our expert personal injury solicitors today on 0808 250 0769 (lines open between 9am and 5:30pm) or contact us via our online contact form.