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Calls for More Action to Protect Workers’ Health

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a new campaign, Go Home Healthy, which aims to reduce cases of work-related ill-health by shining a light on the causes and encouraging employers to do the right thing to protect their workers’ health.
To mark the launch, the HSE has published new research that found almost half of Britain’s industry leaders do not feel enough is being done across industry to tackle cases of work-related ill-health.
The research also found more than two-fifths of businesses are reporting a rise in cases of long-term ill-health, with the majority (80%) stating that tackling this growing problem is a priority within their organisation.
According to HSE figures, work-related ill-health is costing the economy more than £9bn, with 26 million working days being lost, making it a priority for HSE, which acts as the Government’s chief occupational health adviser.
“The survey findings confirmed what we already suspected – more needs to be done to tackle work-related ill-health,” commented HSE chair Martin Temple.
“Over the years, figures show that as workplace safety has improved, health has stagnated,” he added. “The ‘Go Home Healthy’ campaign is about driving behavioural change in workplaces so we all can go home healthy. There is a moral, legal, and business case for employers to do the right thing by their workers. The importance of more joined-up thinking across industries when it comes to tackling work-related ill-health cannot be overstated.”

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