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Safety Concerns over Driverless Cars

IAM RoadSmart has expressed concern that cars with growing levels of autonomy could make motorists lazy and over reliant on gadgets – with far reaching implications for the potential reduction of people killed and seriously injured on the roads.

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Rise in Number of Serious Injuries on Britain’s Roads

The Department for Transport has published statistics revealing the number of personal injury road traffic accidents reported to the police in Britain during the year ending September 2016.

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Recent Case Highlights the Dangers of Distracted Driving

The risks to road users caused by distracted driving have been tragically highlighted in a recent case reported in the media. In this case, a lorry driver has received a prison sentence for killing a woman and three children when he crashed into their car because he was looking at his mobile phone.

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Calls to Cut Drink Driving Limits

The UK Government is coming under increasing pressure to improve road safety by reducing the drink driving limit in England and Wales.

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Campaign to Reduce European Road Deaths

A number of UK safety organisations have given their backing to a European-wide campaign that aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on Europe’s roads.

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