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New Figures Reveal Extent of Asbestos Legacy

Six people tragically lose their lives every day in England and Wales as a result of mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer, new figures have revealed.

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Compensation Awarded Following Medical Errors

Reports of medical negligence cases unfortunately appear all too regularly in the media, where victims have sustained injuries as a result of mistakes by medical staff and have successfully claimed compensation to help them cope with the impact this harm has had on their lives.

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Calls to Cut Drink Driving Limits

The UK Government is coming under increasing pressure to improve road safety by reducing the drink driving limit in England and Wales.

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Measures to Improve the Safety of Maternity Care

The UK Government has recently published details of new measures to improve the safety of maternity care in the NHS in England, which include maternity safety funding and publishing maternity ratings.

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Many Young Drivers Consider Themselves Unsafe on the Road

As many as 40% of young drivers consider themselves to be unsafe on the road, new research by Continental Tyres has found.

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