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Calls for Tougher Laws on Enforced High Heel Wear

New research has highlighted the need for more action to prevent women feeling forced to wear high heels.

The review by researchers at the University of Aberdeen examined research into the physical damage wearing high heels can cause as well as the social and cultural aspects surrounding their wear.
Unsurprisingly, a wealth of studies demonstrated wearing high heels increases the risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions from the spine to the toes and also increases the chance of injury.
The study mentions a recent policy controversy regarding whether or not employers are legally allowed to stipulate that female staff wear high heels at work. The authors draw a distinction between the UK, where the Government has pledged to develop guidelines and raise awareness that female workers should not be forced to wear high heels without introducing new legislation, and the Canadian province of British Columbia which has amended legislation to specifically prohibit employers from requiring staff to wear high heels.
The review found large amounts of studies showed a link between wearing high heels and an increased risk of bunions, musculoskeletal pain and personal injury. However, it found a lack of clear evidence of an association between high heel wear and osteoarthritis – something that has been taken as a matter of fact by some.
The researchers have suggested that more research is done into the issue of second party injury (high heels injuring people other than the wearer), as work in this area has shown stiletto high heels can cause serious injury to others but not how common such injuries are.

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